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Theorem, no. 2
Theorem, no. 2
Public performance, public poll, research

Maya Stovall: Theorem, no. 2 (2022)
Theorem, no. 2 is a commission of the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center and the Blaffer Art Museum, organized by Steven Matijio and Melissa Noble with the assistance of Kaitlyn Jones, Elijah Majeski, Katherine Veneman, Lysette Portano Marmalejo, and made possible with the generous support of the University of Houston Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center Artist Residency.
4 hours, with a culminating talk-performance at the Chicano Student Mural, La Marcha por La Humanidad with La Raza Unida and MAYO co-founder, Jose Angel Gutierrez and UH community members.
Performance with Seycon Nadia Chea, Fabiola Ochoa Torralba, Ammon Saha, Ashley Amaya, Viki Rahim, Rosa Palencia and electronic music production by Colin Bryson. In collaboration with Jose Angel Gutierrez and University of Houston communities.
Performance Photo by Ryan Holloway.
Courtesy the artist, Reyes | Finn Detroit, and Parrasch Heijnen Los Angeles.