"Maya Stovall’s work evokes a feeling...as if it were beaming a message of truth into outer space, saving the performances on video as prospective human relics." (ARTFORUM)

"Pointed and reflexive." (Artsy)

"...Stunning..." (ARTnews)

"Maya Stovall’s approach.. lends her works a natural appearance, like that of home videos." (ARTFORUM)

"Maya Stovall's works in the Whitney Biennial vividly juxtapose art and life." (New York Times)


Maya Stovall: "Untitled" (Justice For Colten Boushie). (Partial view). From the series, Water City/The Public Library, vol. 1, no. 7 (2018-ongoing).
Performance, photography, video, assemblage.

"Maya Stovall's videos are not about voyeurism; rather, they attempt to channel the many spirits of a city unseen." (ARTFORUM)

"Maya Stovall utilizes her surroundings and creates art..." (NYLON)

"Some of the most beguiling works in the Whitney Biennial are Maya Stovall's contributions." (ARTnews)