"Maya Stovall's works transcend the impossible definition of place." (ARTFORUM)

"Her works in the Whitney Biennial vividly juxtapose art and life." (New York Times)

"Her works in the Studio Museum of Harlem Fictions F-Series Exhibition are pointed and reflexive." (Artsy)

"...Stunning..." (ARTnews)

"Her DIY approach...lends her works a natural appearance." (ARTFORUM)

"Her work evokes a feeling...as if it were beaming a message of truth into outer space...as prospective human relics." (ARTFORUM)


Maya Stovall: Theorem, no. 1 (2019)
08 hr 00 min
A public performance commission of Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, San Francisco, alongside the solo exhibition, Maya Stovall: Under New Ownership.
Maya Stovall performs with Seycon-Nadia Chea, Bana Kabalan, Mohamed Soumah, and Todd Stovall.
Photograph courtesy Charlie Villyard.

Website landing courtesy Reyes | Finn.

"Some of the most beguiling works in the Whitney Biennial are Maya Stovall's contributions." (ARTnews)

"She utilizes her surroundings and creates art..." (NYLON)

"Her videos are not about voyeurism; rather, they attempt to channel the many spirits of a city unseen." (ARTFORUM)