"She is an anthropologist by training, and this becomes abundantly clear in the first few pages"

“Shot between scenes of her signature sparse and sunglass-clad choreography...She approaches dance as a kind of mapping, rendering new perspectives of these cities, offering portals into their pasts and futures”

Her ensemble of vessels made from broken glass found on the streets of Detroit suggest that preciousness and damage are inevitably intertwined”


Left to right

A_____ That Defies Gravity, no. 50-59 (2022)
Pale blue neon, palest blue neon
95 in x 72 in

A_____ That Defies Gravity, no. 130-139 (2022)
Mascarpone, dust, foam neon
95 in x 120 in

Photo by Clare Gatto
Installation Image from the solo exhibition, Maya Stovall: Sail, Reyes | Finn Detroit
Images © Maya Stovall courtesy Reyes | Finn, Parrasch Heijnen and the artist.

"Her work transcends the impossible definition of place"

“For her dance is a means of disruption — taking place in unconventional spaces — as well as exchange, engaging onlookers who ask her questions”

"Her work evokes a feeling...as if it were beaming a message of truth into outer space...as prospective human relics"

"Her works in the Whitney Biennial vividly juxtapose art and life"