• The Detroitists: Reflections of Detroit Ethnographers at the Anniversary of the 1967 Rebellion by Alex B. Hill & Maya Stovall

  • Liquor Store Theatre

    Liquor Store Theatre is solicited by Ken Wissoker, Editorial Director, Duke University Press.

    Liquor Store Theatre (the book, forthcoming) is a story of human struggle in Detroit and around the world. The story is told by the people on the streets and sidewalks of a neighborhood as an artist and ethnographer takes to the streets, dancing, documenting, and talking with citizens, to research a city where she grew up.

    Liquor Store Theatre is a story equally about contemporary art, city life, and new ways of thinking about cities around the world.

    Liquor Store Theatre, a four-volume, thirty-plus episode meditation on city life in Detroit, is a four-years-running series of documented performances and conversations with people in the streets, sidewalks, and parking lots surrounding Detroit liquor stores. The scene of the liquor store is the point of departure; what happens when the cameras are turned off, as people's lives in the neighborhood continue and connect, unfolds in the book.

    Currently in review

  • Blackness in Post-Bankruptcy Detroit by Maya Stovall & Alex B. Hill

  • Dance the City

  • African American Cultural Technology: the Lindy Hop, the King of Pop, and the factory worker's experience

  • Movement Research Journal: Maya Stovall in Conversation with Biba Bell

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