I am an artist who asks questions about the nature of human existence. I am interested in places and spaces, with a focus on cities, urban existence, and how people struggle for power and equity. I approach tectonic questions of human existence with extreme, up close, rigor. This is my approach as it resonates with my way of being in the world. My body of work spans the moving and the still image with video, performance, and text. I am interested in performance and dance as essential materials in my art as I might use glass or metal. In my work, I am deeply concerned with ethnography and I am interested in the link between contemporary art and ethnography. The image on the surface may offer a story and the stories pulsating behind the images and beneath superficial stories may offer even more. Like the work I do on the streets and sidewalks of cities, staging performances and talking to people, and orbiting into their lives, as an artist I am intense; for everything I reveal, I withhold much more.

-Maya Stovall, Artist Statement
[abbreviated website version, 2017 April]

quae tu facis // she is making art
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