• I am interested in monumental questions of human existence. I search out fraught and charged places and spaces, and in those spaces, I meditate on the affect and desire of the day-to-day.

    I work with post-minimalist, surrealist aesthetics and movements, and performance is, for me, fundamentally a visual form. Surrounded in philosophy and theory, and resonating with my way of being in the world, my body of work and practice spans performance, moving and still image, installation and objects, and text.

    I consider performance a material in my art, how I might use glass or metal. While I use performatives, place, and space to press questions about contemporary living, the possibilities of what I might make are open.

    My works are implicated in process, theory, and thinking. In other words, the end result object or work may be an artifact of a complicated meditation rather than the objective.

    Like the work I do on the streets and sidewalks of cities, I am intense in my searching out of the electricity of life itself; for everything I reveal in my motivations and theories, I withhold much more.

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